Music camp

The Leahy Music Camp has gained a reputation for being a major source of inspiration and instruction for people of all ages and ability. In addition to the musical classes led by members of Leahy and special guests, the Camp has come to be known for the musical environment it provides in which to learn, play and create music - similar to the environment the Leahy's themselves experienced growing up in Lakefield, Ontario.

The Camp focuses on fiddle, piano, and step-dancing but participants are welcome to bring all kinds of musical instruments and styles to the learning experience. Leahy invites special guests to teach at the Camp each year; musicians from a variety of genres, technical experts from the musical world, and friends they've met and worked with on their travels.

Emphasis is given to skills, style, interpretation, expression, history, and the art of working and playing music with others. Some of the many Camp features include a recording studio, access to a professional sound engineer, a "Music Room" to try new and different musical instruments, and a "Jam Room" where participants can socialize and play music with others.

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Features of the Leahy Music Camp

  • Workshops
  • Symposia
  • Recording Studio
  • Jam Room
  • Play a wide selection of musical instruments in the Music Room
  • Access to special guests who are experts in their field
  • Evening activities and musical events

Attend Music Camp all year long!