Website Store FAQ's

  1. How and when is my order shipped?
    1. Orders are usually processed on the day of the order (except for orders placed on the weekends). Occasionally orders are processed one or two days after ordering.
    2. All orders, unless otherwise requested and arranged, are shipped via Canada Post Air Mail and do not have a tracking number.
    3. Orders to Canadian destinations usually arrive within 5 business days; US orders usually arrive within 7 - 10 business days; International orders usually arrive within 7- 10 business days. These are guides only and delivery times depend on the time of year (ie. Christmas) and we have no control over the length of delivery time once the orders are mailed. Often, delivery is quicker than the timelines listed above.
    4. If you order does NOT arrive after 10 business days, particularly around the Christmas season, please contact the Leahy office ( because it is possible your order is the victim of mail theft; sadly, this has happened more than once.
  2. How do I know if an item is in stock?
    1. All items listed and that are able to be selected are considered "in stock." If you try to select an item and are unable to, this means it is "out of stock." Please contact the Leahy office ( to find out when the stock will be refreshed.
  3. What is the return policy?
    1. If your purchase is damaged or missing from the original packaging, you may return it for a full refund or an exchange. Please contact the Leahy office ( to inform them of the situation and to arrange for return of the order.
    2. If you placed an order and, before receiving it, change your mind about your order, please contact the Leahy office ( immediately so your order can be cancelled before it is mailed.
  4. What is the refund policy?
    1. As stated above, a full refund will be given upon return of the order and with the assistance of the Leahy office.
  5. How do you treat my private information?
    1. We value the personal privacy of our customers very much. We do NOT sell, rent, or share any of your information with any third parties. Your personal and order information is kept only for accounting and mailing purposes and is not intended to solicit any future contact or purchases.
  6. Who do I contact with a problem or question?
    1. At any time you may contact the Leahy Music office at or (705) 652-7376. Our office is open Monday - Friday 9:30am - 4:30pm ET. Please leave a message if you call after regular business hours and we'll be in touch as soon as possible. We are closed during Christmas, Easter, and on statutory Canadian holidays.